Hi! I’m Jennifer Elliotson.

I work from my studio in Jordan Station, Ontario, underneath a century old ginkgo tree.

I’ve always been an artist, but I haven’t always been a painter. For 20 years, I was a professional florist. Upon giving up flowers in 2013, I fulfilled a life-long ambition of becoming a painter and immediately turned my flower studio into a painting studio. I haven’t looked back. I am self-taught and consider myself to be on a continuous journey learning the art of painting.

Story-telling is at the heart of my subjects and I paint from my own lifetime of experiences and memories. I’m inspired by places I have travelled to; flowers which I’ve held in my hand; and cheeky animals I’ve met along the roadside. In each body of work I create, it’s my hope to not only bring a narrative to life with colour and imagination, but for you to be able to find yourself within it.

It's best to get a hold of me by email at hello@jenniferelliotson.com or via Instagram or Facebook.

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